About us


' SAHODAYA' is a concept developed and promoted by CBSE based on the motto 'Caring and Sharing' for the schools in a locality for fruitful interaction and sharing of ideas and practices for academic excellence, Kasaragod Sahodaya also work hand in hand for the success. All the work of Kasaragod Sahodaya has been monitored and guided by Sahodaya School Complex and CBSE from time to time.

Emergence of Kasaragod Sahodaya was the outcome of a thinking developed in tune with the Kerala Sahodaya Schools Complex. Kasaragod is one of the district having the large number of CBSE Schools. Now also there are number of Schools in Kasaragod which had not yet joined Sahodaya, this is up to Kasaragod Sahodaya to initiate and make them understand about the importance of Sahodaya. And I am very much proud to inform you that Kasaragod Sahodaya has been doing a great job. Kasaragod Sahodaya conduct Principals and Teachers training program from time to time.